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Program: Reading To Achieve Power
Is a program design for people "Reading for Pleasure". Yale professor Harold Bloom points out, reading for pleasure gives you the opportunity to enlarge your life and to enter into "alternate realities." "Why read?" Bloom asks. "Because you can know, intimately, only a very few people, and perhaps you never know them at all. 

This program was started as a way to help keep youngsters stay interested in reading books during a time when the Internet and video games have overshadowed literature. “I feel reading is the most powerful tool in shaping the minds of our youth, even if the children read for only five minutes. Studies show that children who are able to read well also do better in other subjects and in life. Reading is a form of stimulation that engages visual, interactive and attention process. Whether information is gained from a book, newspaper or the Internet, the ability to read and understand it is essential for children to learn about the world around them and to find their place in it. 

We host events and go out into the community and give away books for kids to start there own personal library. we believe that every kid should have their own personal book.

Program: Children Of Parents In Prison: Children Wish List
Is a program design to purchase present for kids who parents are incarcerated that normally would not received anything for Christmas.